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December 12, 2018


Professor Kennedy in her blog today discussed hate and wrong-doing and how there are still some among us who help minorities and refugees survive their ordeals, asking for commentary. Vern, one of my fellow contributors to her blog, discussed the possibility that Trump would declare martial law to achieve his political objectives, which triggered my response as follows.

Vern – I think a declaration of martial law by Trump would cause such turmoil in commercial and financial circles from assembly plants through stock exchanges that Republicans in the Congress would (finally) intervene (as with Nixon) or (with Democratic support) institute the 25th. As for revolt among the Trump cult – won’t happen except in Trump’s narcissistic Otherworld – even cultists recognize that America is bigger than any president, that presidents come and go, but that a continuation of America and its values and institutions is essential if we are not to become a colony of China or Russia and return to pre-1776 colonial status after some 230 years of flirtation with Athenian democracy.

Trump’s bullying and threats are on the way out with a Democratic House as shown in his conversation with Nancy and Chuck yesterday. He must now, in words of the street, either grow up or get out. His frustration is going to multiply as the House will not play sycophant to his petulance, and we can expect him to lash out in ways we cannot know at this time. I would hope his “give me the wall or I will shut the government down” attitude will not morph into “quit beating on me or I will (fill in the blanks – declare martial law, start an atomic war, institute a new Smoot-Hawley Act of tariff isolation by executive order, start a war with Mexico to attain border security, nationalize the media in the interests of national security etc. etc. etc.). The possibilities to end our democracy and initiate authoritarianism are endless in diseased minds oblivious to history.

Our task? Keep an eye on this ignoramus to see how he handles the coming confrontation that he cannot bully or otherwise control, a first in his experience, and perhaps work in secret and bipartisan fashion with Republicans to have an emergency plan to salvage America if he totally goes off the rails because if America goes, it really won’t make any difference whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, white or black, male or female, evangelical or atheist, rich or poor. Even Republicans should understand that reality. (See Rome, Greece, Babylonia et al.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let’s also keep an eye out for McConnell’s and Ryan’s proposed lame duck session in which they may try to pull a “Wisconsin” on us just before the gavel to the House is scheduled for exchange in early January.      GERALD       E

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