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December 17, 2018


Professor Kennedy in her blog today was very critical of our soon to be departed Secretary of the Interior, one Zinke, for his tactics leading to the  destruction of our environment when his job was supposed to be to protect our environment. One of the contributors to her blog noted that those in the Midwest had long since been victims of environmental degradation and that it was nothing new, which suggests that our past environmental deportment provides an excuse for a continuation of such conduct, an inference I thought worth refuting. The professor asked for commentary and the following, slightly edited, was my response.

Let’s not waste our time, energy and resources lamenting about dirty air and water in our wake, a history we can do nothing about, but rather invest our time, energy and resources in doing something about it now by joining in international agreements to reduce contaminants and fashioning policies (tax and regulatory, and more specifically, a carbon tax) to foster clean sources of energy back home.

We have many weapons available to us to not only stop but even clean up our planet for posterity; all that is missing is the will, a will currently bought and paid for to back room politicians by carbon and other such interests under the heading of “campaign contributions.”

Solution? Elect politicians dedicated to the common good who eschew bank numbers in Zurich. A Pollyanna adventure? Won’t happen due to human greed? Let’s try it out and see, given as how the present system (according to some) is causing an acceleration to global doom what with melting polar caps, glaciers, ocean acidity, disappearing rainforests and a recent study showing that bad air is already shaving 2.6 years off our collective lifespans.

Let’s elect politicians who are honestly concerned with and ready to do something about both our local and global environments and who are willing to put their political necks on the line to pass laws and make policies that deal with such problems while we still have time since, after all, what do we have to lose (other than survival of civilization as we know it on this third orb from the sun)?       GERALD        E

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