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December 29, 2018


Professor Kennedy in her blog today positively referenced an essay in Forbes Magazine which was highly critical of Trump’s money making schemes while in office, including but not limited to his campaign’s rentals of his company’s property at inflated prices and other such manipulations of campaign funds into his personal coffers. Forbes Magazine, of course, speaks for capitalism, but apparently has decided to call for what I thought was a lost sense of ethics in profit grubbing. If, it occurred to me, that the stench is too bad even for Forbes, it must be bad indeed! Professor Kennedy asked for commentary, and the following, slightly edited, was mine.

I know something of Forbes’s history and am not so quick to forgive. Their history is one of capitalist greed and mistreatment of labor run amok. It could be argued that irrespective of the piece recently published they are still at base a foil for terminal capitalists and are still in the greed and mistreatment business in putting down Trump for fear that his bungling will create a socialist revolution that will wipe out their own interests. Greed comes in many disguises. On the other hand, I will take whatever help I can get today in moving Trump back to his Trump Tower residence as soon as possible, so whatever Forbes’s motivation, I’ll take it.

With the heat about to become intolerable when Nancy takes the gavel, Trump’s narcissistic brain may, figuratively speaking, explode, and with no Mattis for containment, problematic. We are already hearing his threats to close the southern border altogether and his suggestion that his base will revolt if he is impeached. Next we may hear him suggest martial law in order to contain the march of murderers and drug lords over the border. He is good at conjuring up non-existent problems in his narcissistic Otherworld and importing them and their solution in the world you and I inhabit. We dare not allow this man to succeed with his wall lest with such an ego-boosting success he will use a government shutdown or some similar draconian measure to get his way on issue by issue in the future leading ultimately and theoretically to a situation where there will be no issues left to decide and we are living in a dictatorship.

So what to do, or better stated, what not to do? This is no time to play the “Good German” and let this budding Adolph do as he pleases in destroying our democracy. It is time to remove him from government and send him back to his mom and pop real estate business where (as he says) he operates on other peoples’ money – not ours. We have had crooks in high office before (Grant, Nixon et al.), but never one so ignorant and arrogant as this one, so let’s show this president what tough is in the defense of our most valuable asset held in common and one of the last few things left worth dying for – our democracy.        GERALD         E

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