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January 2, 2019


Professor Kennedy in her blog today discusses racism as discussed by another blogger she frequents in an interesting look at the problem and asked for commentary. Following, slightly edited, was my response.

Racism will be with us as a crutch for the status quo until we “tan out,” a process that is accelerating, but not to worry. When everybody is tan we will find a new hatred to make up for the loss of color as a distinguishing mark, like class, religious preference, slant of eye, whatever. The status quo will, as now, nurture such hatreds in order to, as now, cover their own greed and supervision of public affairs via “campaign contributions” to their fellow conspirators, all the while exhorting the underclass to fight for the flag (and protection of their own property and other interests both at home and abroad in the name and under the cover of a vaguely defined phrase euphemistically called “the national interest”).

While aware that many see racism as learned, I see the basic problem as one of hate itself, which seems to be a part of our tribalist instincts baked into our collective DNA. I once read a treatise on New Guinea tribes who, all being black, had to come up with different rationales for hatred of “the tribes across the river,” and that helped me understand that there are many grounds available for hatred other than mere race/color, as we will see when we begin to catch up with Brazil in this tanning exercise.

Parenthetically, tomorrow’s the day when for perhaps the first time in his life but for many times thereafter our clueless real estate mogul masquerading as president will hear the word “no” from Nancy and Chuck, and with a House constitutionally in charge of the purse and Mueller building the gallows and tying the noose in increasingly plain view, if Trump he isn’t lying awake nights, he should be.     GERALD       E

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