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January 23, 2019


While Trump is clearly a racist, getting rid of him will not get rid of racism. It predated him and will outlive him, ingrained as it is and re-taught from one generation to another. I don’t think there is a magic potion we can take which will end race as a flash point in destruction of our society composed of so many disparate parts, but I do think if we survive Trump that it can and will be finally ended when we “tan out,” and we are on that road to Brazil at present.

Unfortunately, as I have written elsewhere, when racism is conquered because the color line has evaporated, I fear that new flashpoints will rear their ugly heads, like class, like gender, like any other line of social and economic difference that can be exploited by politicians and preachers for their own ends in the environment of that future day.

All of this, I think, springs from some innate notion that one must be superior to something and/or somebody (per LBJ in re race), and we must find something or somebody to socially disembowel to fit our rationale of manufactured superiority. Since discussion of where all this leads is far beyond my pay grade, I will leave such (I think) baked in need for superior status to the sociologists and retreat to more familiar academic terrain, like results from Citizens United and Republican abandonment of all fiscal responsibility etc.      GERALD        E



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