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February 12, 2019


Professor Sheila S. Kennedy in her blog today strongly condemns Trump and his “Zero Tolerance” policy of locking up asylum-seeking children in cages and removing them from their parents at the border, people Trump has labeled as “animals,” many of whom will never see their parents again due to the Trump administration’s fumbling efforts to keep track of them, an administration that when asked by Congress to reunite such children with their parents now tells us that they don’t have the resources to accomplish such a task. Sheila invited comment and here, slightly edited, was mine.

Trump has a lot of chutzpah to call Central American asylum-seekers “animals.” The chief animal within our borders is the image Trump sees in the mirror. FDR, my favorite president of all time, was wrong to intern American citizens of Japanese ancestry during WW II, but at least after Pearl Harbor he did (if wrongly) perceive a real emergency whereas Trump has manufactured the current border emergency in his narcissistic Otherworld so he can ride in on his white horse in showtime to save the day. This separation and lockup of children many of whom will never see their parents again is a stain on our history that will never be erased.

I am especially incensed by the administration’s claim that they don’t know where all the kids they locked up belong and don’t have the resources to find out when I consider that this administration managed to borrow the resources recently to give 1.5 trillion dollars to the already rich, including a bump in the income of its chief sponsors, Trump and Ryan. Let’s not forget just how much money that is, like one thousand five hundred billion dollars of our and our progeny’s tax money to the already rich who are in the midst of historic profits, cash on hand and a stratospheric Dow, 1.5 trillion that Trump told us would go into new plant, a boom in good paying jobs etc. He, as usual, lied. It went into stock buybacks and other Dow-enhancing capital gains projects.

The new employment involved retail clerks and other low wage jobs which hardly moved the needle of economic growth and now that the froth of that giveaway has dissipated (aided by corporate stock buybacks and Trump’s tariffs, government shutdowns and trade games), as I (ahem!) predicted, economists are predicting drops in expected economic growth for the year and some see a recession (as do I) on the horizon.

Meanwhile later this month der fuehrer is going to visit Kim, whom he has told us he “loves,” even as Kim continues to rattle his atomic saber. With any luck Herr Trump will emigrate to North Korea to be with his love, and if so, good riddance!       GERALD          E

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