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February 14, 2019


Professor Kennedy in her blog today tells us of a young DACA-type immigrant to this country who is an intellectual whiz and a recently chosen Rhodes scholar. She then strongly endorses immigration to this country, noting that 40% of our GDP comes from either immigrants or their first generation children who have started or headed up businesses here, more GDP than any other country except the United States, China and Japan. She invited comment, and here, slightly edited, was mine.

Everyone in America is an immigrant or the descendant of immigrants, even the American Indians, the only difference being that their predecessors came to an empty continent, so what are we talking about? We are talking about artificial distinctions, about yesterday’s socioeconomic ideas advanced by those currently in power to maintain and expand their power, an antiquated system now finally headed for the dustbin of history – and good riddance!

The white immigrants who displaced the American Indians are now engaged in a game to maintain their power; building walls and racism are symptomatic of such intent. They, like those they displaced, will be losers. Anyone who is paying attention can see the handwriting on the wall, i.e., a colorless society where merit finally supplants the artificial distinctions the Trumps and David Dukes of this world would impose via fear on the gullible. It’s over, but those in power have chosen to resist this tsunami on the horizon rather than to accommodate it, hence the present trauma among the political class and occasional if deadly turmoil in the streets and schools (e.g., Parkland and Charlottesville).

Sheila’s reference to the young person who as an intellectual and an immigrant is heartening, and who knows? Perhaps given his speciality he will discover a cure for all forms of cancer. I note in closing that we have immensely profited from the efforts of another brilliant immigrant to our shores, one Albert Einstein. You may have heard of him.      GERALD         E

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