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March 20, 2019


Professor Kennedy in her blog today discusses a case before the Supreme Court involving a cross on public property. This question has been before the court before but I presume without knowing that the pleadings and facts raise “new” issues for decision. I commented in response to her blog as follows.

The colonists who came to our shores were not only seeking religious freedom but were escaping religious tyranny, only to establish their own form of religious tyranny here. King Henry, whose abundance of testosterone caused him to break with the papal regime (another tyranny), formed a tyranny of his own (in which to this day the king or queen is the head of the Church of England, thus cementing politics with religion). Dissenters to the new tyranny fled to Holland and to our shores.

Though since fragmented into many religious groupings today, Christians seem to be relatively united in having Christian symbolism on public or publicly supported venues such as parks, courthouse lawns etc. They are proceeding as though the Enlightenment never happened or that Madison didn’t mean to write what he did in the Second Amendment, that the descriptive Federalist Papers are to be disregarded, or that there are millions of non-Christian taxpayers who have standing and a right not to pay for someone else’s expressions of religious views whose rights are to be ignored.

Count me as one of the dissenters to the dissenters of old (and majoritarians today). I am opposed not only to Christian symbolism either on publicly owned or supported venues or public funding in such connection but also to such symbolism of any religion where public ownership or leasehold or public funding are involved. There is good reason to support separation of church and state. Read history, or look around even today at states where there is no separation and tell me how they’re doing. Let’s have the state referee but not participate in religious choice.     GERALD       E

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