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March 24, 2019


Let’s do some historical analogy. Bannon (officially) left the Administration but his admittedly Leninist theory of the “deconstruction of the administrative state” is Trump’s secret (but plain to the discerning) plan to destroy our democratic values and institutions. Thus it is not the communist hordes in 1917 St.Petersburg who destroyed the administrative state of the Romanovs and their Rasputin we see today but rather by analogy the Romanovs (Trumps) and their Rasputin (Bannon) who would destroy the administrative state (democracy) we have today in favor of some form of authoritarianism yet to be defined.

It is not only communists who would destroy our democratic values and institutions. Capitalists can do the job as well, and we are witness to such an attempt with the admixture of terminal capitalism and authoritarianism Trump is pursuing. Plundering the Atlantic for fossil fuel is one such adventure. Impoverishing the poor and further enrichment of the already rich via tax cut socialist redistribution of our economy’s income and wealth is another. Daily critiques of our democracy and patriots (McCain and many others) who suffered and died for such freedoms is yet another – and to make things worse – critiques from a draft-dodger who chose not defend his country. The list is endless.

So what to do? Shall we be “Good Germans” and succumb to the deadly phantasies of a paper hanging racist as did many in the Thirties, or shall we resist this attack by a Bannon-inspired real estate investor on our democratic values and institutions for which millions have given their lives to nurture and support? I have made my choice, and on a personal level one I made long ago when seeing dead Japanese soldiers on a Palauan beach and  human fingers on the deck of our ship during WW II. I was there not on behalf of FDR or Truman but rather to resist fascists’ attempts to destroy our democracy since, as I often write all these years later > Our democracy is our most valuable asset held in common, and one of the last few things left worth dying for. Wannabe authoritarians – take note.        GERALD          E

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  1. Bradford Nelson Bray permalink

    As usual, spot on brother G. I am hopeful only because the 2018 mid-terms have put a nice group of Millennial age reps into office within The Beltway. Especially the one from Brooklyn (Cortez?). She is dynamite! They seem (along with Sanders) to be picking up the long lost baton of Keynesian economics and FDR’s New Deal (ie Green Deal) that has the possibilities of reviving what is left of our social, economic and political carcass (formerly known as Democracy).

    Obviously, as with all things, time will tell. But the time, it seems to me, is NOW (or never). 2018 changes in the Congress was a good start, but only that…a humble start! There is a long ways to go, as you know, if the FDR/Truman New/Fair Deals will truly be resurrected and, even, improved upon!

    Thanks, as usual, from an admirer in the backward state of Missouri (ie Misery).- Brad

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