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April 30, 2019


I understand that some Republicans are baiting the impeachment trap in the strategic hope that Democrats will move to impeach Trump and suffer the political consequences in 2020. Whether that’s an Uncle Remus recount of Brer Rabbit’s plea not to be thrown  into the brier patch or not, I am taking the bait.

As of yesterday I have abandoned my “let’s wait until we have more evidence before filing impeachment articles” position of Speaker Pelosi. With Trump’s pronouncement that he is and will be going to stonewall all subpoenas seeking testimony sought by the House in keeping with the its constitutional oversight duties, it belatedly dawned on me that Trump is coming full bore after our democracy (or what is left of it) and that if we wait we may have a Big Brother by default, that if so it won’t make any difference what new evidence we uncover, and that Putin would be delighted at such an outcome.

I consequently think that the House has to put the brakes on this guy at the earliest possible moment as we continue to uncover new evidence of wrongdoing and that we already have ample grounds for filing such articles with whatever else we may discover down the road as icing on the cake.

So the Senate will not vote for conviction after the House impeaches? So? What does that have to do with the House’s duty to impeach a president who swore to uphold the Constitution but who now is clearly out to destroy it? Besides, with televised hearings and public pressure, who can say today just what Senate Republicans will do when faced with the prospect of rule by Big Brother which, without a Constitution, ends their power status as well as that of the Democrats in the House. Big Brothers don’t have legislatures.

It is time to quit quibbling with what ifs and proceed to exercise our constitutional muscle while we still have it since our democracy and the freedoms we enjoy are at stake. My new vote is therefore to file articles of impeachment in the House, subpoena  recalcitrant witnesses etc. in the exercise of the House’s constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch, and relentlessly bring this lawless president to heel. We have reached the tipping point, and history will be our judge.     GERALD         E

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  1. Bradford Nelson Bray permalink

    Absolutely agree wholeheartedly!!!

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