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May 3, 2019


Professor Kennedy in her blog today correctly writes that Fox is a propaganda outlet for Trump, his Tass, as it were. She cites instances of where Fox News pumps out “news” that is racially slanted. approves of White Nationalism etc., and decries its influence on a gullible audience. I responded, somewhat off topic and slightly edited, as follows.

Big Businesses and their mute libertarian lackeys in Congress (the Republican Party has vanished) are supporting Fox’s propaganda for the same reason (diverting our attention) that Trump is. Trump does a good job at diverting issues, as in, for instance, (babies are dying in cages reports overwhelmed by I’m thinking of invading Venezuela babble), but with a different objective in mind, to wit: Wall Street contributes to the public chaos and confusion as cover for their control of our markets, their plunder of our treasury, and (thanks to Citizens United) their takeover of our electoral process (or what is left of it after Putin’s cyber invasion). Trump’s monomania is two-fold: to make money and become a dictator.

Barr’s performance yesterday in which he testified that a president could constitutionally shut down any proceedings against himself if he deemed the process unfair was rightly defined as “the road to tyranny” by Hillary Clinton. Consider that the impeachment process is a “proceeding” and one Trump would, of course, find unfair under Barr’s bizarre definition. He would shut it down and the rule of law would be totally subverted to his dictatorial whim. Hillary’s observation is right to a fault – and chilling. With Big Money supplying the grease and Fox supplying the Goebbelspeak and an AG who openly advocates crowning of this real estate investor as der fuehrer, we have an existential problem, Houston.

So what to do? Take every available means of ridding ourselves of OUR (?) lawyer, who is running interference for Trump’s dictatorial ambitions, including but not limited to his impeachment, citation for contempt, indictment, or any other available remedy while also filing articles of impeachment against der wannabe fuehrer. To the argument that we cannot do legislative business and conduct such constitutionally required remedies (if we are to save our democracy) at the same time, I note that if we play the Good Germans and allow der fuehrer to become Big Brother, there won’t be any legislative or judicial business to transact. Big Brothers don’t have legislatures or judges; all power resides in Big Brother, so let’s ignore the Barrs and Trumps of this world and make our move to save our most precious asset held in common – our democracy. History is watching.       GERALD           E

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  1. Bradford Nelson Bray permalink

    Could not have stated it better Gerry. After living through Watergate, I am stunned, shocked, etc, how far down the Rabbit Hole our government has gone. We are truly, with no hyperbole needed, in very critical and scary times right now. Equally scary is how many millions of citizens appear to be OK with it all, unaware, don’t care or, with the proverbial 35-40% base (depending which poll is showing), actually think Der Trump is doing a good job!

    I think of all the blood lost and sacrificed in WW2 (my father, my step-father, etc) fighting fascism around the globe and, now, experiencing what is happening before our very eyes in our own country makes me sick….literally.

    I cannot understand how “lawyers” like Barr, Graham, etc, etc, in the GOP, can read and know the same Constitution you and I have promised to protect and defend from hostilities foreign and DOMESTIC and yet behave and act in such despicable and treasonous manner??? It’s much more than just a mere “difference of interpretation.” This is a matter of common reason and logic that goes back to Hammurabi!!! Crazy.

    Thanks, as always, for keeping the flame of liberty and freedom alive and well….

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