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May 4, 2019


Greed and corruption are nothing new in the human experience, but this package is usually foisted off on us by more subtle means than via a sick man and tweetstorms. Perhaps our problem as recipients of such social, economic and political insults is that Trump does his emolument and obstruction and other crimes in broad daylight while attacking his attackers and we are so caught up by his daily grab of media attention that we are left in fuming rather than impeachment mode.

Our response can be changed, and I propose that we the insulted go full bore after his impeachment as well as that of his AG (and I use the term “his” and not “our”advisedly), refuse to fund his border initiatives, and in general frustrate his plans one by one to give away the store to Putin and Kim and subvert our democracy in the process.

To the argument that such a response would amount to shutting down the government, take a look. It’s shut down anyway except for agency momentum now led by former lobbyists and with an incoherent president who doesn’t agree with his own advisers and policymakers, where even John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney, themselves showing signs of incoherency, are at odds with their boss, a boss who tells Putin more about the Mueller report than our congressional representatives know, and where the several bills the House has passed and sent over to the Senate are not brought up for a vote by McConnell, whose chief job these days is apparently not to steer bills through the Senate maw but rather to ensure that Trump morphs into a Big Brother figure.

So while we fume our democracy teeters and I for one have reached my tipping point. I did not spend time in the South Pacific during WW II in defense of our democracy from fascism to come home and find it under attack from within by a man lusting for all power, whatever his ism. It is time for us to end our shock and fuming at this masquerader in the Oval Office and instead apply our time and energy to excision of this cancer on our democracy. The Constitution has handed us the scalpel for such surgery, so let’s use it. Now.    GERALD         E

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