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May 7, 2019


Professor Kennedy in her blog today voiced concern that a so called Madrid Group whose right wing tenets mirror those of Trump are set to sew havoc in the upcoming European Parliamentary and Spanish elections and are spreading their policial venom throughout Europe, notably in Hungary and Germany. I responded as follows.

Adolph would be delighted were he among us, and Putin’s attempts to destroy Western democracies are on track with the unexpected assistance of international financing of local elections (which we already have here thanks to Citizens United with a mix of domestic libertarian dollars, foreign rubles, and a president who apparently agrees with Putin that American democracy has to go). It now appears per Professor Kennedy that the Bannon/Trump “deconstruction of the administrative state” has gone international and that, though we will probably be ridding ourselves of Trump next year, the right wing explosion he and Bannon have initiated may spread far and wide giving us several mini-Adolphs elsewhere which, among other things, could destroy NATO and literally invite Putin to a new round of annexations to the west of his present borders. The net result is that not only is our democracy at stake, but the democracies of the various states in Europe are at stake as well.

I am not surprised by Professor Kennedy’s report today because I have been following Bannon on his trips around Europe meeting with right wing groups where he has been spreading the admittedly pro-Leninist gospel of “deconstruction of the administrative state” (aka destruction of democracy). He is doing a good job in fomenting uproar with his racist banter, especially in Europe where many are opposed to the millions of immigrants fleeing Syrian and North African countries seeking refuge and coming into countries comprising the EU, vestiges of which Trump has exploited with his racist declaration of a “border emergency” in this country.

Current evidence of the move to deconstruction in our country range from Trump’s weekend phone call to Putin in which they joked about our current state of affairs and discussed the Mueller report but did not discuss Russian meddling in our elections both past, current and future, to his sending a battle fleet to the Persian Gulf to intimidate Iran and his threat of an increase in tariffs on Chinese imports of $200 billion which, I can guarantee you, will have a negative effect on the stock markets both here and abroad, all cof such shenanigans geared toward enhancing chaos and uncertainty among us and diversion of our attention from prospective testimony of Mueller and Trump’s and Bannon’s plan to end our democracy via “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

We dissidents  on this side of the Atlantic can do little about the antics of the Madrid Group but there is much we can do here to save our democracy. What to do while awaiting impeachment proceedings? Relentlessly call Trump out on each and every one of his initiatives (immigration, tax, lack of regulation etc.), demand that Mueller testify before the House, that the DOJ de-politize etc., and do it today since, as one of my fellow contributors notes, tomorrow may be too late, and that if we merely stand by as spectators while watching our values and institutions trashed, there may be nothing left to defend.

Democracy is fragile, and make no mistake, it is under attack both here and elsewhere by Big and Little Brothers world-wide. There is no shortage of wannabe authoritarians like Trump who peddle hate everywhere, and we are well advised to nip his deconstruction antics in the bud today on this side of the pond. History is watching.     GERALD          E

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