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July 12, 2019


Professor Kennedy’s blog today (with different quotes) resembles one she recently gave us where I noted that the Democratic Party has not moved to the “left,” whatever that is, but rather that the Republican Party has moved so far to the right that our party appears to have moved “left” by contrast, and that we as a party are still essentially FDR New Dealers. I repeat that observation here, further noting the insightful Robinson comment that Never Trumper Republicans have a choice, i.e, that they can either vote for Democrats or a worshiper of dictators who wants to become one.

In this latter connection, Trump has had considerable success, having captured the legislative branch with the help of such as McConnell (who refuses to bring House-passed legislation up for a vote but schedules a quick vote for Trump’s judicial choices) and is en route to capture of the judicial branch with right wing judicial appointments with the assistance of Barr, McConnell and the Federalist Society. Since the Constitution only provides for three branches of government, supposedly coordinate, separate and co-equal, and one has already been subsumed into the executive branch and the other is headed in the same direction, we may be seeing all power come to rest in the executive branch – a dictatorship formed in plain view – while our attention is diverted to border, sex, abortion and other matters which, though in need of our attention, are not in themselves destructive of constitutional government (though their treatment may involve such attempts at destruction by Trump).

Our urgent task today is to walk and chew gum at the same time, i.e., aggressively take control of and treat these diversionary matters while aggressively and simultaneously  resisting the wannabe’s power grab of our constitutional democracy. It’s Bunker Hill time.

We have no time to squabble among ourselves in resisting this gathering coup; we can enjoy that luxury later, when our three branches of government once again are truly coordinate, separate and co-equal, since nothing is more important than the preservation of our democracy, without which we have no country and may effectively morph into a Chinese province or worse, so let’s get our priorities in line, and mine start with the removal of the King George of our time from office, so for me, and to reiterate > It’s Bunker Hill time.     GERALD         E

GERALD          E

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