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November 3, 2019


I have written elsewhere more than once about Barr’s “theory” of unitary executive power and find no support for his argument that the founding fathers intended to give such power to the executive in the Constitution, constitutional debates, the Federalist Papers or any other papers – quite the contrary. The founding fathers had just gone through a revolution to rid themselves of the dictatorial regime of King George, so in the absence of any history that they intended to give dictatorial powers to the executive in the organic law of the land (the Constitution), all inferences of their hidden intentions are to be construed as limitations on the powers granted to the executive. I think it safe to say that Madison, Washington and Jefferson, in the absence of any history to the contrary, had a new nation to launch and did not want to provide for another round of domestic Redcoats and King Georges from within, having had quite enough of executive power and whim, factors which helped precipitate the revolution.

Barr appears to be a fascist looking for an excuse to constitutionally bring his view of the expansion of executive powers (dictatorship) to the fore with such a hare-brained theory unsupported by the record, playing the role of a sort of Rasputin to the Romanov dynasty. I have even considered in my increasingly conspiratorial mind that his call for unitary executive power is pretense designed to divert our attention from something almost if not as scary – the monopoly the right wing Federalist Society has in naming judicial candidates to lifetime appointments to the bench, a “Society” which he helped co-found and whose monopoly status could result in a judiciary that could in time back door his theory of the ”unitary powers” of the executive into practice, a possibility that should keep us awake nights in contemplation of Big Brother rule,  and a reason for us to nip this dictatorial nonsense in the bud. I have been around a long time, but this is my first (and I hope the last) time to see an AG advocate dictatorship, and here I thought 1984 was fiction.      GERALD          E









– and here I thought 1984 was fiction!        GERALD          E



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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – Barr should be disbarred.  He has neo-fascist tendencies th

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