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December 8, 2019


When as a corporate officer you are graded solely on shareholder value, bottom lines and tax avoidance, it is not surprising that the human element (even death and dismemberment) is ignored. Workers Compensation acts were passed at the behest of the rich and corporate class in order to avoid tort suits which would greatly increase corporate exposure to money damages for their negligence and, of course, corporations farm out even workers compensation liability to insurance companies, so there is no direct avenue to their coffers via tort suits to injured employees on the job as such suits are forbidden.

Unions are not only necessary to countervail wage inequality; they are also necessary to address dangerous working conditions. Right to work acts and other statutory removal of rights of labor to seek tort relief should be matters of negotiation, not Republican legislators who seek campaign contributions from the rich and corporate class.

Want to get good and mad? Fines and workers compensation premiums are deductible, thus making them a mere cost of doing business, and since the rich and corporate class add such costs into the price of their goods and services, you and I are subject to a double whammy, i.e., higher costs and reduced sharing of the tax load. Pitchforks, anybody?   GERALD         E

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