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December 15, 2019


Perfection is a an idea, a concept, and was never intended to signify reality in the human experience. This is especially true with politics, given the many and varied interests of those who make up political parties, and by what standards shall we even define “perfection,” a rather hazy notion in and of itself? Neither of our major political parties can honestly claim to be perfect given the myriad of varied interests our parties must represent, including my party, but we can strive to be.

Thus today a member of my Democratic party wrote that Hillary was a poor candidate for the 2016 election, that Republicans did a better job on the campaign trail by keeping it simple etc. He, though a Democrat and anti-Trump, made a rather harsh appraisal of our political means and methods. I thought he went too far, and responded, slightly edited, as follows.

I disagree. Trump’s opponent, after all, gathered in millions of more votes than Trump, and she was qualified by education and experience as First Lady, senator, and Secretary of State for the  “job” (as Truman called it), and let’s not forget that she graduated first in her class from Yale law – no mean feat.

Yes, we have civics problems rife among the masses, and yes, we Democrats could do a better job with more plainly stated language in just what we expect to do if elected, like more Warren and less Bloomberg, but Trump was elected with the help of Putin, the rich and corporate class, and an electoral artifact in our Constitution. Hillary “won,” but she was not “elected.” Our election was stolen; the result did not reflect the will of the majority.

Bickering among ourselves in a blame game is one of the surest ways to reelect Trump. The way to beat him is to get the some 90 million people who didn’t vote last time to the polls and to make the trip ourselves via an overwhelming turnout.

To wax personal > As a WW II vet, the upcoming election probably represents a last hurrah of sorts for me, so I am going to Belize for a week come January 27 (having already checked out Kamloops in Canada) to check out the digs there for an ex-pat residence in the event Trump is again”elected” and Barr and Bannon succeed in removing Articles I and III from what is left of our Constitution and totally destroy any last vestige of our democracy, but I propose to stay and fight for retention and expansion of our democracy until then.

Meanwhile, I am open to any means or methods other than massive turnout anyone can provide to remove Trump from office, whether by impeachment or election. Whatever works.          GERALD          E

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