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January 9, 2020

Professor Kennedy in her blog today discusses how Trump, Christian evangelicals and others use projection to explain themselves and deflect fault, noting that in psychology, “projection” means accusing someone else of a flaw or negative characteristic that you yourself exhibit. I responded to her blog, slightly edited, as follows:

Trump is good at projection of his shortcomings on others along with variations of that tool to deflect fault, like when someone asked him about his sexual aberrations and he answered: “Look what Bill did!” This instant change of subject via projection fits in well with his unbroken record as a terminal narcissist of never having admitted fault  for his rejection of norms he expects others to heed, since from his third grade developmental level the perfection he enjoys in his narcissistic Otherworld cannot be improved upon – so why should he answer to anybody for anything? When the heat’s on, blame it on the other guy and thus cleanse oneself while trashing the “other guy.” Works out.

Truth be told, he has simply never grown up and has never been held accountable for his misdeeds, and when someone tries to pin one on him he immediately resorts to projection and other deflection devices – devices that allow him to escape responsibility while taking a swipe at someone he doesn’t like or who stands in his way of making money or who prick his massive ego or who fail to give him adequate praise.

He is a child north of the neck, developmentally speaking, and we need to bring him into the real world by, figuratively speaking, making him stand in the corner and/or go to his room.         GERALD             E

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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    Jerry – An interesting interpretation of Trump and narcissism, along with the principle of projecting projecting onto others one’s own deficiencies as a way to escape responsibility.  I remember doing a paper in graduate school which included comments on projection as a psychological tool to protect the ego.  If I find it, I will share some of its conclusions with you.  

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