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January 19, 2020

Professor Kennedy in her recent blog quotes from the latest book of Rick Wilson, a long time Republican strategist who is highly critical of Trump. I responded to her effort, slightly edited, as follows.

The latest proposed Trump initiative came out yesterday when he openly advocated better means of bribing foreigners via relaxation of rules and regs in such connection. I responded with a why stop there piece, suggesting that we also repeal laws against murder, rape, larceny etc. in order to have a comprehensive approach and thus a speedy end of human civilization.

Trump is far more than a domestic disaster. Look at what his cheerleading of dictators around the globe has netted us (either as new grabs or doubling down on old ones) such as Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, China, not to mention already long existing dictatorships such as Russia (where Putin has just a few days ago orchestrated the “resignation” of Russia’s legislature in favor of his emperor for life status – a move which gives us a view of what our country would look like without an enforced Separation of Powers Clause in our Constitution, a constitution Trump would love to destroy in some 1984 fashion while assuming Big Brother status).

To those who may think I am overreacting, that it’s not THAT bad  > That’s what the Good Germans thought in 1933 when Hitler was power grabbing.  Trump has to go, not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of humanity everywhere. Next week we will see whether Republican politicians have the intestinal fortitude to do their constitutional duty or whether they are going to pretend that the disaster we are now experiencing in real time is merely an everyday political matter of Us v. Them, when the real deal is dictatorship v. democracy, and if they are successful they will have themselves committed political suicide. Big Brothers, speaking of Separation of Powers, don’t have legislatures, and no powers to separate since they hold all power. It’s called dictatorship.       GERALD          E
























































































































































































































































































































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