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February 16, 2020

As a domestic for instance in trolling we are told that Trump has called in Cuomo to tell him to stop New York’s “nuisance lawsuits” against him or face unspecified loss of federal assistance to that state. Trump is well acquainted with “nuisance lawsuits,” having been involved in thousands of them, and is apparently of the view that such lawsuits against him and his progeny such as stealing from his charity, thefts for which he was fined two million dollars to settle it, are a “nuisance.”

Trump is thus now telling states and other prospective litigants that he is in charge of whom they may sue, speaking of Big Brother, and he is thereby clearly telling us something else, to wit: that in addition to immunity from his criminal activities (per Barr as to sitting presidents) he is to be immune from civil suits, and beyond that, he is threatening to use federal power to force a state to not enforce its laws as they pertain to him, his progeny, and by extension, anyone or anything else he decides should be immunized from state law. So what’s next? Shall he use federal powers to take out state jurisdiction over murder and speeding as they apply to his selected beneficiaries? Where does this end?

Remember those quaint old views of Equal Protection of the Laws, that no one is above the law, that our sworn duty was and is to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic? Does anyone smell the strong odor of a “domestic” enemy working to subvert our Constitution, as I do? Heil Trump?

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  1. Bradford Nelson Bray permalink

    Spot on Gerry. This whole carnival we have witnessed from Barr’s deft of hand with the Mueller Report to the sham “trial” within the GOP lap-dog Senate and the “for hire” TV defenders has all but sealed “the art of the deal” for Herr Trump.

    As with all empires of history, they rarely devolve quickly or are overcome by an outside force. They usually destroy themselves, slowly, from their inner core. Only when they have weakened themselves so do other actors beyond the boarders take advantage.

    Since Union Buster Reagan and his emphasis of Wall Street profits (and federal debts) over people, we have seen President after President (and their accomplices) erode Constitutional oversight from the repealing of the protective Glass-Steagall Act to the unending “business as usual” of the Military Industrial Complex and, of course, ongoing tax cuts for the top income brackets (the 1-10%).

    With Reagan we saw the beginning of the end of the Working Man’s party, the Democratic Party. Huge swaths of so-called Blue Democrats went chasing after the new money that Friedman’s Supply Side economics and tax cuts for the “job creators.” Those former Democrats have been joined by the millions ever since by others who have felt left behind by the former FDR/Truman party and promises for the middle class.

    Trump is the icing on the cake of the obscene abandonment of the middle class by the “establishment” Democrats who, for all practical purposes, walk and talk the money road as the GOP. We are now in the control of The Money Party (GOP and former Democrats) 40 years in the making who get their quid pro quoes each election cycle. Go back through all the Democratic Presidents and see how many of their administration officials and cabinet members got wealthy corporate jobs to fly to after they were voted out or finished their terms.

    Those who use to be Democratic voters are not totally blind and stupid who have experienced the loss of “The American Dream” of middle class opportunities these last 40 years. Unfortunately many, in the same 40 year time frame, turned their attention to cable “news” and have been brainwashed by the so-called “fair and balanced” noise that comes from “America’s News Station:” Fox Inc.

    The combination of propaganda from Murdoch’s vast info empire and The Money Party agenda set us up for an unapologetic and totally transparent Authoritarianism and Plutocracy. Trump was meant by millions of former middle class (and former Democrats) voters to be an “anger” vote, a “wrench” thrown into the poison of the Corporate/Wall Street Government. Naturally we all see what that has done.

    Yes, Trump and Wall Street’s “art of the deal,” in my estimation, is a done and complete deal. I think we came fairly close to a real Democracy (the proverbial Experiment) after the end of Vietnam and Nixon’s attempt to be King over the law of the land. That is now a distant memory for some.

    We are in new territory now. Trumpism is writing the script (and the “new” laws and precedent) as they go. Where will it take us? Well, for damn sure, we know the suffering planet has no chance of a hearing in court much less congress.

    I fear the worse is yet to come. “Good luck and good night”- Brad

    • Hey, Pastor, your answering commentary is worthy of blog treatment itself, so how about publishing it. I was always a working man aficionado through Clinton’s triangulation and the vanilla years of Obama, and I still am. On the other hand, nothing could be worse than another four years of Herr Trump (unless Hitler were somehow reincarnated and in power, and even so, it would be a close question). Greetings to you better half. Jerry Gerald E. Read my blog at: and follow me at @GeraldKnows on Twitter

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